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Humic substances in ecosystems 8

Final program
Abstracts HSE 8 (pdf)
Proceeding of abstracts HSE 8 (pdf)
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Presentations HSE8 (pdf)

Name of presentation Presentators
Proposal of evaluation of soil organic matter sorption capacity GABRIELA BARANČÍKOVÁ
Relations of enzyme activities with different fractions IOSSIF BOGDEVITCH
Uptake of humic substances by wheat plants: preferential accumulation in lipid fraction NATALIA A. KULIKOVA
Characterization of soil organic carbon and its fraction labile carbon in ecosystems ĽUBICA POSPÍŠILOVÁ
The use of hplc in the assessment of the influence of anthropogenic pollution on the properties of humic acids of light manured with organic fertilizers BANACH-SZOTT
The role of post-harvest residues in formation thermal properties of humic acids isolated from soils of different types DRAG MALGORZATA
Humic substances effect on pomegranate nursery production FERENC SANDOR
Soil organic carbon and particle size distribution of arable soils in winter wheat cropping SRDJAN SEREMESIC
Structure and properties of commercial humates from coalified materials, peat and sapropel OLGA YAKIMENKO
Spectroscopic characteristics of humates isolated from different soil types NADĚŽDA FASUROVÁ
Analysis and characterization of humic substances by HPLC methods MILAN HUTTA
Soil organic mater and stability of aggregates ANTON ZAUJEC
Organic matter contents and distribution in chernozemrelated soils of poland and slovakia MACIEJ MARKIEWICZ
The effect of gamma-irradiation on properties of humic acids JOANNA STRZELECKA
Relations between organic horizon properties and vegetation cover composition in scots pine (pinus sylvestris l.) Stands PIOTR SEWERNIAK
Organic matter content as a simple indicator of aluvial soils development ADAM MICHALSKI
Influence of farming systems on area heterogenity of total organic carbon content JIŘÍ HECZKO